Our Core Values


The Supremacy of Jesus Christ and His Sacrifice for Us

           Therefore . . .

·      We glory in the finished work of Christ on the cross and His ability to save forever those who place their faith unreservedly in that work.

·      We see the preaching of Christ and Him crucified as central to all we do.

·      We believe that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, and that no one comes to the Father except through Him.

·      We strive to lead people to become active and devoted followers of Christ, not of persons or personalities.

·      We regularly partake together of the Lord’s Table (Communion) in commemoration of His atoning work.

·      We recognize Jesus Christ as the Head of the church, not any human or ecclesiastical body.

·      We long/strive/desire to see Jesus have “first place” in everything (Colossians 1:18).

·      We measure spiritual maturity by the degree of genuine Christlikeness in one’s character, not merely external works.

·      We place emphasis on the importance of the lordship of Christ for growth and holiness.


The Necessity of the New Birth and its Transforming Power

           Therefore . . .

·      We believe the gospel is a matter of regeneration and transformation, not merely information.

·      We believe that no church membership, religious activity or generous philanthropy will merit salvation for any person in any situation.

·      We believe that all people are lost in sin and in need of forgiveness and new life.

·      We seek to help the seeker, the skeptic and the sinner to become “born again” and not merely religiously enlightened or inspired.

·      We reject any ideology which suggests that one can attain or maintain a right standing before God through self-effort or self-righteousness.


The Eternality of the Human Soul

           Therefore . . .

·      We believe that all people of all time will one day face a reckoning before their Creator and enter into eternal joy or judgment based upon their response to the gospel.

·      We seek to share the gospel with as many people as we can to fulfill the most important purpose of the church.

·      We see people as more important than programs.


The Authority of the Bible and its Relevance to Us

           Therefore . . .

·      We believe the Bible has the answers to life’s most compelling questions and shows us our ultimate purpose in life.

·      We believe that every person should have the opportunity to understand and appropriate the life-changing truths of the Word of God and come to know its Author in a personal way.

·      We are committed to the thoughtful and careful exposition of Scripture, which deals seriously with the text, yet includes understandable application for all.

·      We teach the Bible systematically, accurately and enthusiastically to all ages.

·      We adhere to a model of church governance that is firmly rooted in the clear principles/teachings of Scripture, not tradition or human wisdom.

·      We strive to construct a biblical worldview in the minds of people by which they can properly interpret and powerfully impact their world.

·      We seek to not merely know scriptural truth, but demonstrate and practice it in all aspects of individual, family and church life, thus avoiding the scourge of hypocrisy. This is the difference between knowledge and wisdom.


The Primacy of Worship and its Place in the Church

           Therefore . . .

·      We believe God desires our worship more than anything else and thus it is our primary aim to declare His worth and glorify His name.

·      We are not here to entertain an audience but to honor the one true God.

·      We believe that God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him.

·      We plan our worship gatherings to be decidedly God-centered and God-honoring, avoiding the extremes of rigid traditionalism or contemporary pragmatism.

·      We seek to reveal the majesty and magnificence of our Creator-God in service, in song and in the Scriptures.

·      We see every act of service as an act of worship, no matter how small or great.

·      We strive to do things well and with excellence because God is worthy of the best we can give Him.


The Sufficiency of the Holy Spirit and our Dependence on Him

           Therefore . . .

·      We seek the guidance of the Spirit in all matters of church life and polity.

·      We pray for the illumination of the Spirit for those who hear God’s Word.

·      We respond to the conviction of the Holy Spirit through confession and repentance.

·      We rely on the power of the Spirit for faith and boldness to accomplish great things that are not humanly possible.

·      We pursue the anointing and empowering of the Spirit for ministry and outreach.


The Centrality of Marriage and the Family in God’s Design

           Therefore . . .

·      We seek to help husbands, wives and children understand their God-given roles and responsibilities.

·      We plan activities that are family-centered and family-enriching.

·      We sponsor special events to strengthen marriages.

·      We invest in the lives of our children through Christian education


The Unity of All True Believers

           Therefore . . .

·      We exist as an autonomous non-denominational church, independent from any external control or influence.

·      We welcome all those seeking to worship God in spirit and in truth regardless of church background or affiliation.

·      We allow room for disagreement in peripheral areas of theology and concentrate on the core fundamental teachings of the Bible instead.

·      We strive to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace at all times and will actively protect the flock from those who are divisive, contentious or factious.

·      We see the church as a living organism – a family of families, a flock and a fellowship, not an institution, organization or fraternity.

·      We place value on identifying with the church through membership.


The Diversity in the Body of Christ

           Therefore . . .

·      We uphold that all believers should know their areas of God-given giftedness and be actively serving in an area of related ministry in the church.

·      We recognize that though we are one, we are different in our backgrounds, our preferences and our convictions; thus, we seek to withhold judgment and practice forbearance in matters of Christian liberty.

·      We believe that people from every tribe, tongue and nation will occupy heaven, so likewise they are welcome in our church.

·      We do not discriminate against anyone based upon race, color or background.


The Priority of Local and International Missions to Fulfill God’s Purpose on Earth

           Therefore . . .

·      We invest resources, time and money in the activities and agendas that strategically advance God’s kingdom.

·      We have a missions committee to oversee, administer and shepherd our missionaries.

·      We desire to train and send qualified workers to the uttermost parts of the earth.


The Plurality of Godly Leadership for the Church

           Therefore . . .

·      We believe the church is to be led by a team of qualified and called elders, not merely a single man or pastor.

·      We believe elders are to shepherd, lead and oversee the flock and deacons are to assist in serving and meeting practical needs.

·      We employ this form of church government while also allowing congregational input into the affairs of the church.


The Sanctity of Human life

           Therefore . . .

·      We believe that human beings, having been made in the image of God, are special and unique from all other creatures, and thus have intrinsic worth and value.

·      We endeavor to protect and uphold the rights of the unborn, the disabled, the handicapped and the elderly in a society that diminishes their value.

·      We will speak out on moral issues in our society or in our community when the opportunity presents itself.


The Certainty of Christ’s Return

           Therefore . . .

·      We believe that the church must be engaged in eternal spiritual activities and endeavors, not merely earthly socially-oriented activities.

·      We desire to reach with the gospel as many as we can, in any way that we can, in the time that we can.


The Sufficiency of God’s Resources to Meet Human Needs

           Therefore . . .

·      We believe in the importance of prayer, Bible study and meditation to be emotionally and spiritually healthy.

·      We believe that a life yielded to God is the key to victory and spiritual vitality.

·      We point those who are struggling with discouragement, depression, anxiety, guilt or life-controlling addictions to the immeasurable resources of prayer and Bible study.


Our Five Purposes:

1.    To Magnify God – worshiping Him in spirit and in truth in all we do.

2.    To Multiply disciples – evangelizing those in need of Christ and discipling those who come to Him.

3.    To Mature believers – teaching and equipping God’s people for intimacy with God and service in the church.

4.    To Minister to the needs of people – using our gifts to serve.

5.    To be a Moral Conscience in our community and world – upholding biblical values and challenging all things raised up against the knowledge of Christ.